~Such a Beautiful Disaster of a Life~

Artist in training ; star in waiting

i am really bad with describing things, especially describing things about myself. I am ashley kathryn. I am 20 years old. I am a proud sister of Kappa Delta Phi National Affiliated Sorority.

I love glitter, tattoos, starbucks, red hair, being barefoot, tall buildings, 80's movies, fast cars, F. Scott Fitzgerald, sunsets, whiskey, Tiffany's jewelry, mermaids, music, Pretty Little Liars, books, hot cups of tea, Harry Potter, campfires, flipflops, cursive, sand, plays, wolves, seashells, Glee, laughing, Ed Sheeran, cute boys, Broadway, the Hunger Games, christmas lights, Ke$ha, New York, American Horror Story, puppies, traveling, disney movies, Evan Peters, the ocean, poetry, and rain.

I am in love with people I have never met and homesick for places I have never been. I wander more than I should and I don't think I will ever really find a home and I am okay with that.

My mind is a wonderful and horrible place to be, filled with song lyrics, demons and happy memories.

I fall in love easily, always with the wrong person and get hurt fast.

I accept every walk of life, no matter what they are or have been through. You and I are stronger than our mistakes.

I hate to sleep, but I love to dream.

Anonymous said:

I saw a post you made a while ago, saying scars are beautiful. I understand how you think that but I just want to say scars are tragic, not poetic. I'd do anything to get rid of my scars, as they are pure self hate like most others, and there is nothing beautiful about pain. sorry if this seemed rude that wasn't my aim and I hope you have a good day xxx

I don’t know EXACTLY what post you’re talking about .. but I am thinking it is the post I made where scars are like tattoos - permanent, memories ect. I wasn’t saying they were beautiful, because I do not believe their is anything beautiful in self harm, or getting hurt in general.
I was merely stating that my tattoo - like my scars - I have chosen to live with for the rest of my life, and they are both a permanent reminder of times in my life.

I know this pain, I was there for years - I would never intentionally ever say it is anything close to beautiful.

I am so happy.
My little is perfect. Like literally perfect.
Ugh I can’t stand how perfect of a pair we are



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